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This note contains the Legal Terms and Conditions regulating the dlrcesenatico.com dlrboutique.com Site. By using this Site, you signify your agreement to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, do not use this Site. The access and the use of this Site are only for your personal, non-commercial home use only: you can view products on display and relative information and you can purchase the item themselves. The agreement presented in the web Site dlrcesenatico.com/dlrboutique.com is submitted by the following regulations. In order to make purchases on the dlrcesenatico.com dlrboutique.com Site, Customer must:

- Minimum age 18 years old

- Be in possession of the requirements to legally access and stipulate binding contracts

- Have a valid e-mail address

- Have a credit card valid for payment (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or a bank account for payment via transfer


We particularly care about the protection of personal data and privacy of our Customers and we wish therefore to inform about the way we handle personal data of our Customers. The data controller D.L.R. Snc, with legal headquarter in Italy, as defined by law and in the field of the activities and services offered in this web Site will be authorized to process the www.dlrcesenatico.com www.dlrboutique.com User's personal data. All the Users are invited to keep visiting this web Site section which might be amended according to any change in laws and regulations. D.L.R. Snc specifies as of now that whereas some processing will be necessary in order to carry out the services required by the Users others will be completely optional. The data obtained will be only used in order to expedite the web Site processes and the management of the purchase orders. The data collected will not be transferred or transmitted to third parties for commercial purposes.


D.L.R. snc di Dallara Davide e C. – legal address in Viale Roma 71/c 47042 Cesenatico (fc) – creator and promoter of the activities available on the website DLRBOUTIQUE.COM, DLRCESENATICO.COM reserves the right to use the personal data voluntary provided by Users, in compliance with all the current regulations.


The Owner of the processing data collected by the site is D.L.R. snc di Dallara Davide e C. – legal address in Viale Roma 71/c 47042 Cesenatico (fc)

Mail address:



All the data are processed at the headquarter and in all the other places where are located the third parts in charged of the process of these data, except as specified in the current Privacy Policy.

For further information, please, contact the Owner.

The data controller process the personal data of the user taking appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access,disclosure,modifications,or destruction of the user’s person data.

The processing of the data is effected through IT and/or electronic communication tools which follow the procedure realated to specified purposes.

In some cases, further than the Owner, who helps building the website (administrative staff, legals, system administrators) and other external actors (service providers, couriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communication agencies) could have access to the personal data. If necessary the Owner can appoint these parties to be responsible of the processing data.

The list of who is responsible is always update and can be obtained from the Owner.

The User takes the responsability of the Third Parties’ personal data, which are shared through this website, and has the right to communicate or to spread them, releasing the Owner of any responability toward Third Parties.

D.L.R. snc di Dallara Davide e C. – legal address in Viale Roma 71/c 47042 Cesenatico (fc) guarantees to the Users that the process of the personal data are strictly linked to its own services, for the management of the site and the orders fulfillment.

When paying by credit card, the basic information of the payment (debit/credit card number, expiry date, security code) are sent via cryptographic protocol to who is responsible of the process of Nexi or Paypal, and no other third parties can have access.  These information are not seen or saved by the Seller (D.L.R. snc di Dallara Davide e C. – legal address in Viale Roma 71/c 47042 Cesenatico (fc))

The Personal data are processed by automated tools for such time as may required to achieve their purposes and always in compliance with the rules in force. 

D.L.R. snc di Dallara Davide e C. – legal address in Viale Roma 71/c 47042 Cesenatico (fc) uses all the security measures provided by the Privacy Code to prevent all data gathered in order not to have any risk of loss or theft of the data, and unauthorised or unlawful access.

Anyway D.L.R. snc di Dallara Davide e C. – legal address in Viale Roma 71/c 47042 Cesenatico (fc) cannot guarantee to the Users that, even if is using all the security measures, is not able to exclude any risk in case of unautorised access or dispertion of the data via users devices.

For this reason, we suggest all the Users to be sure that all the devices have an adequate protection software (for instance updated antivirus) and that the Internet service Provider has all the appropriate safety measures for the transmission of the data.

At any time, Users have the right to know their own personal data, their content and origin, in order to verify, add, update or correct them.

Within the meaning of the same provision, Users can demand for the deletion, the change and the blocking data if these do not comply with the law, in this way, Users can object the processing of their data.

All requests shall be made to D.L.R. snc di Dallara Davide e C. – legal address in Viale Roma 71/c 47042 Cesenatico (fc), as the controller of the processing data, through the following contact: info@dlrboutique.com

Users can demand the list of who is responsible of the processing data to the same mail contact.

These requests can be renwed within 90 days, except for those cases that have a  proper reason: deletion or change of the data that are not in compliace with the law; and the data that are gathered for other specified reasons.

To unsubscribe from the newsletter click on the link at the bottom of the mail or contact info@dlrboutique.com.

At any time, the Owner has the right to change the Privacy Policy by informing Users on this page.

Please, keep checking this page, controlling the update date at the end of it.

If the User doesn’t agree with the new Privacy Policy can demand to delate its personal data.

Unless otherwise specified, since when the data have been gathered are ruled by

this Privacy Policy.

For further information about the process of the personal data can be request at any time to the Owner by contacting the following mail info@dlrboutique.com


Update Privacy Policy: 25th Aprile 2018

D.L.R Snc use so-called cookies.

Cookies are small files that are sent to your browser and stored on your device when you visit a website allowing efficient and improved performances, they also provide information to the owner of the site for statistical purpose or advertising mainly to customize the browsing experience remembering user preferences.

Cookies can be classified into five different types;

Navigation cookies:

the cookies are required for the site to function properly and allow the users to view content on a device and recognize, for example, language and the market of the country which the users has chosen to connect. These cookies allow the registered users to be recognized and to access services in dedicated area.

Cookies to study analytical site data:

These are used to study and analyse user behaviour in the site and to understand the relevant use methods, in order to constantly improve site features and functions.

Cookies for preference settings:

They allow you to customise navigation, setting preferences or settings that you set while on the site to improve, make easier and personalized your shopping experience.

Retail cookies:

These are used to convey significant sales content to site users. The number of promotional message hits by the same user in managed with this cookie, simultaneously measuring our communication campaign effectiveness.

Social network cookies:

the cookies are necessary to allow the user’s social network account to interact with our website. They are not necessary for navigation.

Site access and page navigation require the user and or costumer’s acceptance of the use of the different types of cookies: the costumer thus provides consent when site cookies are entered and saved, also for subsequent site access.

All data collected on traffic, visits, preferences, sales and any other sales in formation that can be used by us or third parties employed by us for this reason shall not contain any reference that can in any way be traced to the specific user or costumer.

D.L.R. Snc may use the preferences and personal information for internal marketing analyses, to analyse user behaviour on the site in order to improve site architecture to increasingly meet costumers expectation and needs.

D.L.R. Snc reserves the right to employ third parties to collect and analyse information regarding user behaviour and use methods in the site: in these cases, D.L.R. Snc guarantees the users and costumers the full observance of that set forth by the privacy code, requiring its partners to respect the observance of precise data use instruction.

D.L.R. Snc agrees not to transfer or transmit personal user and/or costumer data to third parties for sales purpose.

For any information on how to remove or override cookies from your device, please refer to your browser’s “help and technical support” section.

According to the security regulations, all the processing carried out in this web Site by D.L.R. Snc will be executed through papers and information system tools for the purposes that will be specified whenever needed. The Legislative Decree no. 196 dated 30 June 2003 shall ensure that personal data are processed by respecting data subject's rights, fundamental freedoms and dignity, particularly with regard to confidentiality, personal identity and the right to personal data protection. According to law the processing will be based on the principles of fairness, legality, transparency and protection of your rights and your privacy. In accordance with the Article 13 of the Legislative Decree no. 196 dated 30 June 2003, we therefore provide you the following information: 1) Personal data directly provided by the Users or however acquired either verbally, in writing or through information system tools will be the focus of processing for the following reasons: - Allow D.L.R. Snc to perform the required services - Send informational materials By subscribing to our newsletter and/or registering also as guest  you agree that dlrcesenatico.com may use the data you entered to inform you by email about the contents and/or products. You may revoke your consent at any time with future effect, by writing an e-mail to info@dlrcesenatico.com. Data related to addresses and orders are furthermore identified, processed and used for marketing purposes. You can deny the usage, processing and transmission of your personal data in every moment with a simple communication by post, fax or by e-mail to info@dlrcesenatico.com 2) The processing will be carried out, as indicated in the Art. 4 paragraph a) of the mentioned D. Lgs 196/2003, through paper documents and/or automatic instruments with the function of storage and management of the personal data. 3) In some cases the processing of your personal data will be necessary in order to allow the performance of the required services, in other cases the processing will be completely optional. Nevertheless, your refusal to insert your personal data on the registration page could make the performance of the required services impossible. 4) In NO case will your personal data be transmitted to third parties or spread. 5) The collected personal data may be however transmitted to subjects who are charged to undertake assignments on behalf of D.L.R. Snc (professional advices, banks, finance companies) in all possible ways. 

The responsible entity for the treatment of the data and at the same time supplier of the services is D.L.R. di Dallara Davide & C. S.N.C., viale Roma 71/c, 47042 Cesenatico (FC) Italia. For any questions about our web Site and the privacy policy please contact us to info@dlrcesenatico.com 

For the Legal Conditions above the web Site www.dlrcesenatico.com www.dlrboutique.com refers to the Italian legislation and rules laid down by the Italian Civil Code. For any questions, the competent Court is the one in Forlì-Cesena. Upon entering the Site www.dlrcesenatico.com www.dlrboutique.com Users declare to accept that all issues related to the use of the Site www.dlrcesenatico.com dlrboutique.com  are subject to the current legislation of the Italian State. They claim also to refer exclusively to the jurisdiction of the Court of Forlì-Cesena for these issues. D.L.R SNC doesn't guarantee in any way that the materials and content on the Site comply with the legislation of the other countries: it is absolutely forbidden to access Site contents from countries where the same contents and their usage are illegal. Users who choose to access this Site from these countries are conscious and aware of the consequences and the legal risks they face and will be solely responsible for the violation of local law. Failure by User about obligations under these Terms of Use may result, depending on the seriousness of the crimes committed, the removal from the portal, provided by the faculty of D.L.R. Snc to request for legal payment of damages. 

Dlrcesenatico.com Dlrboutique.com  is property of: 
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viale Roma 71/c 47042 Cesenatico (FC) Italia
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