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D.L.R. Snc is not responsible if the colors of products seen on the Site look slightly different from the original because of the particular configuration or malfunction of the computer used by the Customer. The images shown on the dlrcesenatico.com dlrboutique.com Site are the property of D.L.R. Snc. D.L.R. Snc must approve any use of those images and unauthorized use shall be prosecuted by law. D.L.R. Snc and his partners are official reseller of all brands offered for sale on this web Site, directly purchased from the most prestigious Italian and international griffes. 

The selection available on dlrcesenatico.com reflects exact real-time availability of each item, by size and color, because the web Site is connected to all the warehouses containing the clothes on display, and all availability data is updated in real time. Once dlrcesenatico.com dlrboutique.com receives an order request, it reserves the right to confirm the availability of the items purchased, as well as to verify the validity of the transaction via credit card and the details of previous transactions carried out by the Customer on dlrcesenatico.com. dlrboutique.com .In the event that the items ordered are not available, or that for any reason it is not possible to process the order as requested by the Customer, dlrcesenatico.com dlrboutique.com will immediately notify the Customer. Dlrcesenatico.com dlrboutique.com  may change the number of items and their different models available on this web Site at any time. 

On DLRboutique.com DLRCesenatico.com you can pre-order items that have an estimated arrival date in the coming months.

The arrival date indicated is the confirmed date given to D.L.R. snc by the suppliers.

If paying for a pre-order by wire transfer, payment must be sent within 4 days from the time in which the order was placed.

If using a credit card or paypal, the full price will be deducted the same day in which the order is placed.

If a pre-order item can not longer be sold, the amount payed will be refunded using the original payment method.

For pre-orders, the country entered in the delivery adress can be changed only with the written permission of D.L.R. snc email.

All orders are accompanied by an official invoice in Euro and contain the exact total amount of the purchase, as required by regulations on International commerce. For some countries, the price of the item is shown in the corresponding currency. The amount actually charged to the credit card account could be subjected to changes ascribable to fluctuations in exchange rates or to banking fees: for more details, we suggest Customers contact their bank. 

D.L.R. Snc owns the Site and all content including but not limited to, works, imagines, photographs, music, shapes, logos and any other materials in any format, published dlrcesenatico.com. The material on dlrcesenatico.com Site is protected by copyright and it is therefore prohibited any form of copy, alteration or reproduction to any third partly without the written consent of D.L.R. Snc.