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Valentino and the beloved Rockstud collection! Valentino is not only a brand; Valentino is a name, a story, a carrier that last from ages and has as a key point the beautiful, elegant and sophisticate woman.This figure is protagonist of every collection signed by the italian stylist, who has shown from the beginning of his carrier his preference for the red colour, becoming with the time the Maison's identification colour. Thanks to his mastery in anticipating the trends and in setting up rules, Valentino succeeded in entering the international "haute couture" fashion and even if many years has passed since his beginning, he always succeeds in launching new collections that are highly welcomed by the public. An example is the Rockstud collection, beloved by the women's public thanks to the leather décolléte and ballet flats with platinum finishing and studs that can be matched with purses, shopping bag, shoulderbags and belts with rock-glam details. By purchasing on the DLR Boutique online store you will be certain to buy an authentic product, with the original packaging, with express delivery and the possibility to return the goods.
  1. Valentino Valentino - Rockstud Rolling ankle straps
  2. Valentino Valentino - Black varnish rockstud belt
  3. Valentino Valentino - Ivory sea star belt
  4. Valentino Valentino - Funky dragon silk scarf
  5. Valentino Valentino - Printed lace silk cashmere stole
  6. Valentino Valentino - Light rose silk stole
  7. Valentino Valentino - Navajo 1975 pattern shawl
  8. Valentino Valentino - Navajo 1975 pattern shawl
  9. Valentino Valentino - Rockstud I phone 6 case
  10. Valentino Valentino - Blue leather rockstud gloves
  11. Valentino Valentino - Burgundy rockstud gloves
  12. Valentino Valentino - BLACK leather rockstud gloves
  13. Valentino Valentino - Black rockstud noir ballerinas
  14. Valentino Valentino - Platinum rockstud pouch
  15. Valentino Valentino - Green rockstud ankle straps
  16. Valentino Valentino - Taupy rockstud bracelet
  17. Valentino Valentino - Multicolor rockstud ankle strap
  18. Valentino Valentino - Black rockstud ankle strap
  19. Valentino Valentino - Coral red rockstud tote

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