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French charm for Sonia Rykiel's bags, shoes and accessories Sonia Rykiel is a french stylist that discovered her intuition for fashion during her first pregnancy. At the time she simply disliked maternity clothing and choose to create her own clothing line against the current trends. Key factor of her creations were and are the "nudity". Her idea, continued by her daughter Nathalie, was to destroy the rules that force women to wear tight and snug dresses and to encourage to wear breezy, almost cocky clothing that make women fell free to move. This charachter that emerge from Sonia Rykiel collections correspond perfectly to Sonia's strong personality, a determined woman that always wanted to distinguish herself in her bags, shoes and accessories collections matching excentric shapes, colours and prints, never ordinary but always trendy. By purchasing on the DLR Boutique online store you will be certain to buy an authentic product, with the original packaging, with express delivery and the possibility to return the goods.
  1. Sonia Rykiel Sonia Rykiel - LE COPAIN SHOULDER BAG
  2. Sonia Rykiel Sonia Rykiel - MULTICOLOR  "LE COPAIN" SHOULDER BAG
  3. Sonia Rykiel Sonia Rykiel - "LE COPAIN" SHOULDER BAG
  4. Sonia Rykiel Sonia Rykiel - NIKI FLAP BAG
  5. Sonia Rykiel Sonia Rykiel - BABY NIKI SHOULDER BAG
  6. Sonia Rykiel Sonia Rykiel - LA POCHE HANDBAG
  7. Sonia Rykiel Sonia Rykiel - LA POCHE HANDBAG
  8. Sonia Rykiel Sonia Rykiel - SHOULDER BAG "LE LUCO"

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